Are you ready to take your career (and your sales commissions!) to the next level? Well, the desire to improve and succeed is a good starting point. But knowing how to actually make beneficial changes to your approach and strategy can be a real challenge.

Fortunately, sales expert and consultant Rosemary Kelleher has the experience and knowledge required to succeed in today’s competitive sales world. Consider a few of the following tips to elevate your career to the next level.

Connect with the client.

Forming some sort of personal connection is key to developing a rapport with your client and a good rapport is essential to long term business relationships, such as those between a real estate agent and a buyer or seller. So find a way to connect with the client. Perhaps you both come from the same hometown or maybe you’re both dog lovers. Find some sort of common ground that enables you to connect with the client in a personal way.

Know who you’re selling to.

Each demographic is unique, which means that each client will require a slightly different approach. So get to know your client and their objectives; then develop a sales approach that’s in line with those goals and objectives.

Using the wrong strategy or sales approach is one of the most common errors and it’s a sure fire way to ensure that you set up for failure.

Believe what you’re selling.

If you don’t believe in what you’re saying or selling, then the client isn’t going to buy it either. It’s really that simple. Your body language and other subtleties will serve as a dead giveaway to the client and when this occurs, you lose the individual’s trust. After all, who wants to buy from a smarmy salesperson who’s willing to say whatever they need to say in order to close the sale? Would you want to buy something from that sort of salesperson?

Be authentic and genuine in your marketing approach and it will always lead you to success.

Rosemary Kelleher is a talented mentor, consultant, coach, keynote speaker and trainer who works with clients throughout the Boston area. If you’re a real estate agent or other sales professional who’s seeking to take your career to the next level, contact Rosemary Kelleher to discuss your goals. Call 781.248.6069.

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