Ok … it’s Sunday night and the clock is ticking … for those of you who did OPEN HOUSES … please decide to make your time spent worthwhile and part of a success strategy. Most agents WAIT to hear from the people who visited the open houses and I always say “he who waits & hesitates … simply loses out on opportunities that were available to them if they had taken ACTION.”

1. Thank each attendee (only unrepresented guests) and follow up with them on your property and others they may have seen … most agents DO NOT DO THIS … please please be DIFFERENT and pick up new clients as a result (isn’t this the name of the game???)

2. Contact co-brokers who sent their clients and get feedback!! And THANK THEM for sending their clients!!

3. CALL or Send a THANK YOU to your sellers for getting the property ready for the open houses (Do STEP #6 first)

4. And for those of you who have sat in one of my “Kick-Ass Open House Trainings” … Thank and Update the neighbors around the open house to let them know if you had a good turnout and that there ARE buyers wanting to live in their neighborhood (HINT: to try and get some appointments with neighbors to get another listing)

5. It’s always a great idea to post on social media that it was a great day dor open houses (HINT: again to pick up opportunities and to remind your friends that you are in real estate)

6. It’s a great idea to check with the other agents who did open houses near you or similar to yours – to find out how their activity was …

7. Lastly, please give your “office-mates” an update of your open house activity … it will refresh your listing in their mind and also encourage them to do an open house on their properties!!!
BONUS ADVICE: Make sure to let EVERYONE know when you are having your next open house at that property or another (day,date & time)


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