Finding success in sales can be a challenge if you’re constantly sabotaging your pitch. In fact, it’s easy to forget about some of the many potential mistakes that can lead to trouble when you’re trying to sell a client.

So consider these tips as you strive to become a top producer, whatever your sales niche happens to be.

Mistake: Making Assumptions

It’s important to ask questions and avoid making assumptions and presumptions.

Asking questions and avoiding assumptions is essential so you can get to know the prospect’s needs, desires and situation. This will better prepare you to pitch the client.

Mistake: Talking Too Much

According to some schools of thought, the sales prospect should do up to 70% of the talking. Many sales professionals talk a bit too much, which results in a situation where you fail to really listen to the potential customer or client’s needs and desires. Listening to the client allows you to be more effective in your sales approach and it will make the client feel more comfortable, as many loathe traditional sales pitches. Many are much more responsive to a more attentive sales person.

Mistake: Answering Questions that Haven’t Been Asked

There is such as thing as too much information and information overload is a serious problem when it comes to many sales pitches, as it detracts from the more important points that must be considered.

One major pitfall is the sales professional who goes on the defensive, offering up too much information which subsequently muddies the waters. For instance, a prospect may comment on high prices, but that doesn’t necessarily warrant an in-depth explanation and justification of your prices or an offered price reduction. Instead, you might ask a simple question that will prompt them to consider why some companies and products have higher prices compared to others (quality).

Mistake: Failing to Understand the Client’s Budget

It’s essential to get a clear, definitive idea of your client’s budget. Otherwise, you can end up in a situation where you’ve sold them on a product, service or property that they simply cannot afford.

Then, when you craft a service offering or present another option that works for their budget, it will seem to pale in comparison to the original, making the sale all the more difficult.

Therefore, discuss money in a clear, up-front and realistic manner so you can offer a solution or option that will meet the customer or client’s needs. Also, if there are other expenses that the client or customer may not be aware exist — such as in the case of real estate, for instance — it’s wise to mention these as well so the prospect understands and recognizes that their budget for the property may be a bit lower since there are other expenses involved in the equation.

With these tips from Rosemary Kelleher, you’ll be well on your way to sales success!

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