Communication is Key to Success by Rosemary Kelleher


In today’s article from Elevate! coach and Realtor Rosemary Kelleher, we’ll explore why communication is so essential for success in your business dealings.

There are many important skills needed to be an awesome real estate salesperson. The most important skill is communication.

Without effective and efficient communication, a real estate agent cannot perform any necessary tasks from hello to close and beyond!

If you value your time and want to make the most of your efforts, start with the communication skills and strategies to close more deals and establish stronger client relationships. Also, consider these questions:

• Do all of your friends, family members and acquaintances know what you do for a living?
• Do they know what an amazing real estate professional you are?
• Do they know you can help them and anyone they know (anywhere in the world) purchase, sell and understand current real estate values?
• Do people know what memberships you hold? What designations you have worked for to specialize and enhance your efforts?
• Do they know why YOU are the best choice when seeking a real estate professional?
• Do people realize that you have wonderful resources in top vendor partners?
• Do people know how to recommend you to other?
• Do you have effective and efficient strategies in communication to quickly assess whether or not you should invest your time with a particular potential client?
• Do you practice specific assessment communication strategies to clearly define the wants and needs of your clients?

About Rosemary Kelleher

With over 20 years of experience in the real estate and sales industry, Rosemary Kelleher is regarded as one of New England’s premier sales professionals. She spent a decade in real estate and another decade in top leadership and management training. Over the years, she has received numerous awards and designations to recognize her professionalism, her commitment to client satisfaction and her top sales production status.

Today, Rosemary Kelleher has branched out beyond traditional real estate sales, pursuing her true passion: coaching, training, speaking and educating. She established a new firm, Elevate!, which is committed to providing real estate and other sales professionals with the expertise, knowledge, strategies and coaching they need to succeed in today’s hyper competitive sales world.

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