Rosemary Kelleher on Staying Curious as a Sales Tip


In today’s article, business coach and Realtor Rosemary Kelleher explores the power of curiosity and how you can harness curiosity to take your business to the next level.

Eleanor Roosevelt once wrote, “I think, at a child’s birth, if a mother could ask a fairy godmother to endow it with the most useful gift, that gift would be curiosity.”

Curious George and the Sales World

For those old enough to remember, there was a little monkey that delighted children for years through tv and books. His name was Curious George. To understand this fun little creature, his name was all you needed to know. Curious George!

Many lessons from Curious George’s adventures were shared with kids of all ages. Books were written about his adventures in school, getting lost, going to the hospital and so much more. The books and TV show were fun and entertaining. The most important lesson was simple: stay curious.

Often, in business — especially in the world of sales — we need to consciously give ourselves permission to stay curious. In fact, curiosity breeds the some of the most important strategies of learning more about those we want to do business with: listening and asking questions.

History is full of many famous inventors who at one time were obviously not famous. These people came from a place called “curiosity.”

Take Thomas Edison, as a simple example. He famously invented the light bulb. Thomas Edison didn’t wake up one day and without discovering and identifying a need, create the light bulb. He had a thought and proceeded to try and come up with a solution. His successful invention came with failures before finding success. The failures in his invention of the light bulb were surely comprised of failed attempts. Success came from curiosity and a string of failures.

When studying successful people, most are very proud to say that they had to work at it. So one must ask themselves, what was the behind the “it?” Failure and curiosity. These successful people recognized that failure was needed and allowed for failures to breed curiosity in their road to success. Curiosity starts the journey. Failures come as part of the process and a determined and committed “drive” sometimes produces the successful outcome they had been searching for!

Curiosity enables our search to continue. Curiosity feeds into failures and hopefully success.

If you are in sales, customer service or any profession that serves the needs of your clients, customers or potential customers, ask yourself, “Am I working from curiosity or self interest?” The answer to this question will determine your success in your profession. After all sales is about having the solution to a need and being the person/company to fill the need. How will you understand the simplicity or complexity of another’s need until you get inside their mind, their thoughts and their quandary? Be a Curious George and always stay curious!

If you have a fun professional story about being curious, please share!

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