This week I had the absolute pleasure of being a guest on Real Estate Radio Boston at WBZ with the hosts Rick Sherer and Ali Alavi. What a blast of a time. These two top professionals asked me a question I have been pondering for the last several weeks: “what will help real estate agents succeed in 2016?” Ali Alavi asked if the answer could be tied to technology. My response was a resounding “NO”. The answer for me was simple: EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION!

This past year I was thrilled to meet one of my favorite authors who is a communication expert and the most referred to and referring agent I have every heard of, Michael Maher. Michael wrote the book The Seven Levels of Communication. When I first read this book I was swept away by the concept that communication has varying levels of effort attached to success. Think of a triangle. The bottom is the largest and widest part and it gets smaller and narrower as it goes up to the pinnacle.

Now look at the seven ways sales people need to communicate and position their efforts in the triangle with the bottom being the “spot” for the communication activity that requires the most amount of effort and energy with the least amount of results – up to the pinnacle spot of the triangle which requires the least amount of activity and the least amount of effort for maximum results. Positioning the bottom to the top in the levels of activities are simply: advertising, marketing, emails, handwritten notes, phone calls, networking and face to face communication.

Genius! Communication made clear and simple. Ok, then why don’t sales people follow it and stick with the “pinnacle” of activity? People to people discussions is the highest form of communication with the maximum return on investment!

Michael Maher gave me the greatest tool for when I meet with agents in my coaching and training sessions! I always start with the question; “what are you focusing on in your lead generating and prospecting activities that are obviously not bringing you the desired results?” Agents are failing in their pathways to success because they are focusing on the bottom of the triangle. They are focusing on the activities that require the most amount of effort and energy that will yield them the smallest amount of measurable success. I am forever grateful to Michael Maher for his wisdom and his simplicity of the communication triangle.

So, knowing that communication is “key” in measurable and successful sales careers, why then start at the top? Think of a mountain. Skiing wouldn’t be fun if we skied uphill!!! The thrill is from the top to the bottom. The trails get easier at the bottom, but the skill of an expert skier comes from being able to tackle the top down and the insanity would be trying to ski uphill!

Look for my blog identifying the seven levels and different activities (Is what you are doing everyday Killing your Sales Success?) that happen in each of the levels and look at what you are doing in your day to day activities. If you are not getting the desired success you seek … start at the pinnacle of communication. Success comes from excellent communication.

Special thanks this week (and always) to Michael Maher – check out his site at: , Heather LoGrippo (CEO and Owner of Expose Yourself PR ( and Rick Sherer ( and Ali Alavi (!) These top professionals advise and consult the best in the business!

©2017 Rosemary Kelleher