Rosemary Kelleher on FROG Strategy
In today’s article, coach, mentor and Realtor Rosemary Kelleher explores what elements make a successful business plan — one that will actually bring results!
Want to make the most of your business and networking conversations? Well, just bring the FROG!

No, I haven’t lost my mind! Have you ever wanted to know how great communicators get the most out of a conversation? The answer is simple: the FROG.

Always best to illustrate with an example. Here’s a dialogue between Sam the Salesperson and Victor the Vendor.

Sam: Great to meet you, Victor! So tell me, did you grow up around here?

Victor: Sure, I grew up in the next town over and my folks still live there.

Sam: Nice to be so close to the old stomping grounds. When get away, what do you like to do and where do you like to go?

Victor: Well, whenever I get a chance, I head to the ocean because I love to go sailing!

Sam: Wow! How awesome is that?! So Victor, what type of sales do you focus on?

Victor: I’m in advertising and sales.

Sam: So how did you get involved in that niche?

Victor: My dad is in publishing and it seemed like a natural complement to the family business.

Sam: Must be so rewarding working with your dad. What are the plans for the family business as you move into the coming year?

Victor: Well, my dad has been hoping that I get the advertising and sales department some more great clients like yourself so I can start moving toward taking over our family magazine/publication!

Sam: That’s terrific! Let’s meet tomorrow and see what we can design for my new branding campaign! I am excited about your business ideas you have shared!

A FROG Recap

In a few quick comments, this is what Sam learned about Victor the Vendor:

1. Victor is a local and homegrown area resident
2. He loves sailing on the Ocean
3. Victor is in advertising sales because it is a complement to his next move: heading-up the family’s publication/magazine someday!

The FROG Analysis

Sam has learned so much from his short, but, meaningful conversation because he phrased his conversation around the “FROG Strategy”:

  • F= Family (local from next town over)
  • R= Recreation (sailing on the ocean)
  • O= Occupation (advertising sales)
  • G= Goals (takeover family publication/magazine)

Think these four categories will make for future/meaningful conversations? The answer is YES!!! Give it a try and share with Elevate! Sales Coaching & Training!

About Rosemary Kelleher

With over 20 years of experience in the real estate and sales industry, Rosemary Kelleher is regarded as one of New England’s premier sales professionals. She spent a decade in real estate and another decade in top leadership and management training. Over the years, she has received numerous awards and designations to recognize her professionalism, her commitment to client satisfaction and her top sales production status.

Today, Rosemary Kelleher has branched out beyond traditional real estate sales, pursuing her true passion: coaching, training, speaking and educating. She established a new firm, Elevate!, which is committed to providing real estate and other sales professionals with the expertise, knowledge, strategies and coaching they need to succeed in today’s hyper competitive sales world.

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