Rosemary Kelleher on Coffee
In today’s article, coach, mentor and Realtor Rosemary Kelleher explores the difference between Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks and how this is an apt parallel to your interactions with your own clientele.
Many people look forward to their morning cup of coffee. (The fuel to start their daily engines) While there are many people who subscribe to “Americans Run on Dunkins” (aka- Dunkin Donuts) while others prefer Starbucks. Coffee is coffee … Right? WRONG. It’s more than just taste that we need to explore here.
Actually it’s all about the “experience.” Dunkins is the fast, in-and-out venue, while Starbucks wants you to sit and stay awhile and plug in your laptop and hang out over a individualized and handcrafted gourmet cup of coffee (available in a real coffee mug for those staying and hanging out). Starbucks is the “experience” while Dunkins is the “quick and go” program. Most Dunkins have seating areas for you to stay and WiFi to access while working on your smartphone or laptop. However, Starbucks has comfortable seating and a more aesthetically pleasing decor.
Regardless whether you are a Dunkins or Starbucks patron, the success of both organizations isn’t actually the coffee it’s the customer experience delivered consistently. (YES, the coffee must be great too!)
What type of service do you deliver? What makes people want to come back and work with you and refer others to you? When was the last time you reviewed your customer’s experience? What are your testimonials saying about a customer’s experience with you? Do you always get testimonials? If not, why not? Would you ever work on a school project and not be curious about the grade after the project was completed?
If you haven’t done a review on your customer service and experience, it’s okay, start today. Every time you work with someone, make a review of your efforts and services be a part of a completed process. Decide how you want to be remembered and let that be your guide.
As for Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks, both are great and successful, but the difference is that they attract different clients for different reasons. Explore your whys and hows and be consistent and committed. As a result, you will enjoy tremendous success! Elevate!

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With over 20 years of experience in the real estate and sales industry, Rosemary Kelleher is regarded as one of New England’s premier sales professionals. She spent a decade in real estate and another decade in top leadership and management training. Over the years, she has received numerous awards and designations to recognize her professionalism, her commitment to client satisfaction and her top sales production status.

Today, Rosemary Kelleher has branched out beyond traditional real estate sales, pursuing her true passion: coaching, training, speaking and educating. She established a new firm, Elevate!, which is committed to providing real estate and other sales professionals with the expertise, knowledge, strategies and coaching they need to succeed in today’s hyper competitive sales world.

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