Balancing family life, personal tasks and your career can be a real challenge and it’s an area where many professionals struggle, so it’s an issue that Rosemary Kelleher frequently encounters while working with clients.

Fortunately, there are some simple changes you can make to ensure that you too find that ever so delicate work-life balance in your life! Consider the following recommendations for achieving a greater balance.

Track Your Time

Planning your day gives you the ability to find a balance between your work and family obligations. But before you start scheduling your days, you’ll need to know how long it takes to perform each task.

In short, the perceived time that it takes to perform a particular task and the actual time that it takes to complete a particular task is very different — a fact that makes it very challenging to achieve a balance. When you start tracking your time, you’ll become more conscious of this differential in perceived time versus actual time.

You’ll find that certain tasks and activities occupy a lot more time than you had previously realized. You’ll quickly start to realize how long it really takes to tend to a specific task or project. This knowledge will equip you to identify time-sucking activities that can be cut out or performed more effectively.

Schedule Your Time

Once you know how long it takes to perform various tasks, it’s time to start planning and scheduling your time. The very act of scheduling your life will force you to really examine how you’re spending your time — something that’s critical if you’re going to find a real balance in your life.  As you schedule your days, look for areas where you can improve efficiency, maximize productivity and cut out wasted time.

Don’t forget to schedule in free time, so you can tend to any unexpected tasks or issues that arise….or simply relax and unwind!

Also remember that it’s important to schedule “me time” — time when you tend to your own needs, whether it’s through meditation, relaxing in a hot bath or just curling up with a good book.

Delegate Tasks

The most successful individuals in our world are people who realize that they simply cannot do it all, as a day is only 24 hours long. This means you need to delegate — something that many find to be very challenging, as it requires trusting that another person will get the job done right.

Delegating projects in your professional life and in your personal life will give you more time for the tasks and activities that never seem to make the cut when it comes to scheduling your days.

Some find it helpful to equate time to money. How much is your time really worth? Let’s say you’re worth $100 per hour; if this is the case, then it’s very logical to hire a house cleaning service for $50 a week if it will allow you to save 2 hours of your time.

Prioritize Your Life

Sometimes, you simply can’t squeeze everything into a single day. So don’t get stressed; simply prioritize.

Prioritizing your life gives you the power to identify which tasks and activities can be rearranged, postponed or skipped entirely. You may find it helpful to assign each project or activity a number value to indicate its level of priority. Developing a simple system like this will allow you to schedule and plan more effectively.

Think Outside the Box and Multi-Task

Also, think outside the box as you work to find that delicate work-life balance. For instance, let’s say you need to find 2 hours a week to complete a specific task on your laptop. Where can you find 2 hours of time? Well, what if you have a 45-minute commute to and from work. You can’t skip work, but maybe you can work from home a couple days per week. Or perhaps you can use that commuting time to your advantage by taking the train to work a couple days per week. Taking the train allows you to multi-task, so you can commute while working on your laptop.

Think creatively and multi-task when possible. You’ll find that you can achieve a lot more with some simple changes to your life!

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