MARCON Special Offer Still Available!

Rosemary Kelleher is currently offering special discounted rates to clients who attend the 2015 MAR Conference and Tradeshow. It was a wonderful event that featured many wonderful displays, vendors and speakers, including Rosemary Kelleher.

NOTE: This special offer has been extended through October 11, 2015!

Why Attend Industry Events & Conventions?

Attending industry events and conventions can be very beneficial to you, as a sales professional, as it’s an opportunity for lots of networking — something that is very key in the sales and marketing world.

What’s more, conventions, conferences and tradeshows typically include lots of wonderful speakers, lectures and seminars, providing attendees with a great opportunity to acquire new knowledge and learn new skills. Tradeshows are also known for their vendors, which may be on-hand with lots of wonderful tools, gadgets, products and systems, many of which are designed specifically for sales professionals.

Events like the MAR Conference and Tradeshow also provide a great opportunity to put your finger on the industry’s collective pulse, giving you a better idea of where the industry is today and where the industry is headed tomorrow. This is key because the industry is constantly evolving and to enjoy success, you must evolve and grow alongside the industry or you risk being left behind!

Rosemary Kelleher is providing special discounted rates to anyone who was on-hand for this recent event. Rosemary’s coaching services are ideal for anyone who’s seeking to get ahead and grow as a sales professional.

In addition to working with individuals, Rosemary also works with sales teams, providing a wonderful opportunity for professional growth and development.

An experienced coach and consultant, Rosemary is here to guide you to success with her dynamic and unique approach; one that brings real results.

Rosemary Kelleher’s discounted rates for MARCON attendees are available through the end of the day on October 11, 2015, so take action today and elevate your career to the next level.

• MARCON Rate Sheet (Click Here to Download)

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