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As a long time real estate agent and real estate coach, Realtor Rosemary Kelleher has encountered many situations where a move is challenging for the children in the household. But a new book, titled Lily and Andrew Are Moving provides kids with some insight, while providing parents with a chance to start an important dialogue.

One of the most difficult yet exciting transitions we make happens during the times we move. Whether it be into a new house, condo, apartment, frankly wherever we move to can throw us a myriad of different emotions. We feel excited, nervous, anxious, stressed, overwhelmed and yes, even “ready.”

Moving changes everything we have established as “home base.” Further, moving happens because of many different reasons and some of those reason (mostly) are based on exciting opportunities, yet, not all moves happen for positive reasons. People move due to a change in financial circumstances or a change in family dynamic occurs. A move can be unpleasant for many reasons, but we always hope that the end result will be a fresh new start in a new home.

Well, if all the change and stress isn’t enough on adults, well then, think about how moving can affect children without the life years and experiences and wisdom of adults! Kids are the beneficiaries (good or bad) of our moving choices. They immediately start with concern, question and instability of “home” and where they will call “home” affects them in different ways. Children will also go through many emotions and changes because of a “move” and it is important to take the time necessary to give them tools to help them cope.

A real estate friend of mine and author Julie Etter has beautifully created a noteworthy tool for children who are moving. The book is called Lily and Andrew Are Moving. This gorgeously written and illustrated book focuses on the story Lily and Andrew who are kids whose parents have decided to move. Changes happen for these two kids and this book is written specifically on a childlike “level”. There are also stickers, which kids love, to help them share their emotions and help parents recognize the areas whereby they can make the necessary transitions not only better, but, allow them to validate the children’s feelings.

Whether you are a parent making a move or a real estate agent who is working with families who have kids, I truly value this resource and recommend you pick up a copy to share with any child going through a move. Email and I will send you an order form or click here to get an order form.

You can also find the order form on the resources page here on Rosemary Kelleher’s site,

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