The internet and technology as a whole has had a major impact on the sales world and recent years have seen the arrival of many new sales strategies and techniques.

But many overlook the so-called “old school” sales strategies which can bring great results when included as part of your sales strategy skill set. So consider adding the following strategies to your repertoire if you haven’t already!

The Give Me a Week Technique
This sales strategy entails offering up your services on a trial basis, without a long term commitment, providing you with an opportunity to prove your value and quality.

Many products and services literally sell themselves – if only the individual tries the offering. In other cases involving larger, big ticket items such as real estate, this approach enables you to showcase your sales skills, while simultaneously convincing the client that you can actually complete the sale.

This sales strategy helps you side-step the inherent fear of long term commitment, as by the end of the trial period, you’ve made the client feel more comfortable and more willing to commit.

Foot in the Door (FITD)
The foot in the door or FITD technique was developed in the era of door-to-door salesmen, when a salesman literally sought to keep the prospective buyer’s attention long enough to step inside and deliver their full sales pitch.

Today, the most effective FITD techniques surrounds the foot in the door sale, which entails selling them on a small purchase, which is used as an opportunity to form a relationship that may lead to a larger, more significant sale.

The Scarcity Strategy
The scarcity strategy holds that people are more willing to make a purchase when they believe that there is a limited quantity or limited opportunity to act.

With home sales, this concept is simple to employ, as each home is truly unique; in most cases, it’s simply a matter of convincing the buyer that they may miss out on the opportunity to purchase the home if they don’t move forward immediately.

In other sales niches, the key is to use the scarcity strategy in a believable manner. In retail, many make the mistake of offering up a “limited time offer” that never really ends. So it’s essential to present your offerings in a way that makes sense and ensure that the offer actually is limited, whether it’s a 1-week discount on your consulting services or a registration deadline.

These tried-and-true sales strategies are often overlooked for many of the more modern approaches, but the most effective sales professionals are those who have a diverse set of strategies at their disposal, enabling you to adapt your approach to suit the precise situation.

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