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Have you thought about working with a sales coach but aren’t quite sure if it’s right for you? Well, now you have an opportunity to give coaching a try for free!

Rosemary Kelleher is now offering complementary 30 minute coaching sessions to new clients who are considering her coaching services.

So how can coaching benefit you as a sales professional? Consider the following:

-you’ll learn new strategies and sales techniques
-you’ll have an objective party who can critique your sales techniques
-you can learn from a more experienced professional who can help you overcome obstacles and avoid pitfalls
-you will enjoy advice from a top sales professional
-your coach can take on a mentor-like role in your career
-you can bounce new ideas and strategies off an industry expert
-you’ll be driven to learn new techniques and strategies (and working with a coach will provide you with the incentive and accountability required to overcome procrastination).
-your coach can identify flaws and shortcomings that are standing in the way of success
-your coach can help you overcome professional flaws and shortcomings by offering new, more productive and professional techniques and strategies.

In short, sales coaching is the perfect way to get a leg up on the competition. A coach can guide you to success, helping you overcome shortcomings, while playing to your strengths as you seal the deal with those sales prospects.

In addition to offering one-on-one sales coaching services, Rosemary also offers coaching and training for sales teams and groups.

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