Vince Lombardi Coaching by Rosemary kelleher

Vince Lombardi will go down in history as one of the greatest coaches of all time. His team and players and even their fans loved him because he was amazing! What was so amazing about him? He was able to help his players recognize their strengths and weaknesses. Vince Lombardi’s claim to fame was he was an amazing coach!

Without a coach his team and the individuals who played for him would have no guidance and no accountability. With Vince Lombardi games, championships and titles were won and it was because he brought the strength of the players as individuals together and created amazing teams.

Who is behind you and helps you to work through your challenges in your sales career? Who helps you leverage your talents to win opportunities? Sales coaching is a powerful opportunity to ensure greatness in your job. If you are looking for the “advantage” in your sales career – it’s time to Elevate! your strengths and work on your challenges. It’s time for a “game-changer” in your strategies for 2015. Those who work with a sales coach already, know the difference is logical.

Here is what some of Elevate’s clients are saying:

nancybwNancy Portnoy Rogers

LAER Realty Partners
Elevate! Coaching Client
Number One Agent in Greater Lowell & Chelmsford, MA
Named 2014 LAER Agent of the Year

“Rosemary is a fantastic personal coach, things happen and get done, you will make more sales Have a better presence online and serve your clients to the fullest with Rosemary on your side. So worth it!”



eileenbwEileen Cain

Cain Realty Group
One of the Top Real Estate Teams at William Raveis, Chestnut Hill, MA

“Rosemary has amazing ideas that go beyond innovation. We now live in a world where everyone is so busy. The most important thing I have learned is time blocking. As realtors we can find many ways of keeping ourselves busy without actually working and creating business for ourselves. Rosemary’s desire to see me succeed and holding me accountable has helped my business tremendously. She has a gracious softness about her teachings, but also a bit of a bite when it comes to making sure you are doing what you need to be doing for yourself, your family and your business. Coaching is a must! Tiger Woods has a coach. Tom Brady has a coach, the greatest actors and singers all have coaches. It is an investment in your business. Thank you Rosemary!”


About Rosemary Kelleher

With over 20 years of experience in the real estate and sales industry, Rosemary Kelleher is regarded as one of New England’s premier sales professionals. She spent a decade in real estate and another decade in top leadership and management training. Over the years, she has received numerous awards and designations to recognize her professionalism, her commitment to client satisfaction and her top sales production status.

Today, Rosemary Kelleher has branched out beyond traditional real estate sales, pursuing her true passion: coaching, training, speaking and educating. She established a new firm, Elevate!, which is committed to providing real estate and other sales professionals with the expertise, knowledge, strategies and coaching they need to succeed in today’s hyper competitive sales world.

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