Sprinkles are extra by Rosemary Kelleher

It’s summertime and you know what that means: beaches, boating, fishing, cookouts, camp fires and ice cream! (And don’t forget the sprinkles, or as we say from Boston, “jimmies.”)

So, in the spirit of the 2016 summertime kick-off, I took a couple of my kids to the local ice cream place to simply indulge!! (Don’t tell my workout coach!) I was surprised when we were giving the order the girl at the window said “Oh by the way, sorry, I want you to know that we are now charging extra for sprinkles.”

“Okay…..” — that was my response and then I thought about it. The added joy of sprinkles (as optional) just seem to complete this decadent summertime experience and treat! Really? I was never charged before. They aren’t something new. Then, of course, I thought, what will be next in terms of an added cost? I could get the same cone and sprinkles everywhere else with no additional up-charge for the customary sprinkles. Our gorgeous ice cream cones always seem complete with the optional sprinkles.

The more I work consulting and coaching with sales agents and other professionals, I think about the concepts of “expectations and delivery.” Earlier today I posted a saying on my Facebook wall that I really love (and try to live by everyday in my all my relationships):

Under Promise and Over Deliver

It’s true that everyone will pay for great service and professionalism, however, just like the ice cream cone having those additional “sprinkles” on them “for no extra charge”, I thought about how delivering less and expecting the same and often more, well, let’s just say, that doesn’t make sense. In business, your wealth and your value is in your clients and customers.

You keep these clients and customers happy and they will always come back for more. In fact, if you are awesome and “under promise and over deliver”, they will reward you further: Referrals for their families, friends and their sphere. What could be better than happy and loyal customers who come back and then send along family and friends? Nothing I can think of. Seems like that is the definition of “success” and a recipe for growth in your business.

So, I challenge you to think about your business like the sprinkles on the ice cream cone. Look at the photo above and tell me that doesn’t make you smile? How are you not only meeting expectations, but, rather, exceeding them?

There is an old saying that goes something like this: People will not always remember what you did for them, but, they will remember how you made them feel. How are you going “above and beyond?” Please remember, it’s not always the “big things you do”, but, often times, the little things. When did you last reach out to a client and say “Thanks”? Or send a handwritten note with a coffee gift card and write, “Have a coffee on me – thinking of you.”

There are simply a million ways to let people know you appreciate them in both business and your personal life. An extra call, a note, a text or dropping by are easy and simple and require so little from you – yet these little things have profound impacts on how someone feels about you. We all want to feel good about the people we work with and have both personal and professional relationships.

In business we often get caught up in technology. This blog was written on a platform of technology, however, it is unsolicited advice to help those who read it. “It’s just a little extra from me to you” Summertime is a couple of months when it’s easy to loose touch with our clients and customers because we’re off enjoying glorious weather, beaches, boating and fun.

So wouldn’t it be a wonderful “added extra” if we reached out to let people know we’re thinking of them? People don’t know how much you care, until you do something … a little something extra. Try it. Help others know that you are “that” person who is all about people and not products, good relationships and not just good and expected service. Remember, “relationships should not be seasonal and service should always be exceptional.”

About Rosemary Kelleher

With over 20 years of experience in the real estate and sales industry, Rosemary Kelleher is regarded as one of New England’s premier sales professionals. She spent a decade in real estate and another decade in top leadership and management training. Over the years, she has received numerous awards and designations to recognize her professionalism, her commitment to client satisfaction and her top sales production status.

Today, Rosemary Kelleher has branched out beyond traditional real estate sales, pursuing her true passion: coaching, training, speaking and educating. She established a new firm, Elevate!, which is committed to providing real estate and other sales professionals with the expertise, knowledge, strategies and coaching they need to succeed in today’s hyper competitive sales world.

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