If you’re ready to elevate your career to the next level, consider these tips and strategies from Rosemary Kelleher.

Set SMART Goals

SMART goals are ones that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound. When your goals and objectives are “SMART” it maximizes your chances of success, while driving you to push, grow and achieve great things!

It’s also a good idea to tie your goals in with your personal and professional development objectives. So select goals that enable you to work on improving yourself or expanding your skills and abilities.

Don’t Focus on Past Success

It’s easy to get wrapped up in those past successes. So while it’s good to celebrate your accomplishments, don’t congratulate yourself too much as this can result in stalled progress and growth.

Celebrate for a short period of time but then, focus on the future. Set new goals and get to work achieving those objectives, whether they’re professional or personal in nature.

Prioritize and Delegate

You’re only one person and this means you must prioritize and when necessary, delegate tasks to others so you can focus on the projects, tasks and areas that are essential to your personal and professional growth.

Always Grow Your Network

Make a concerted effort to continually grow your personal and professional networks.

Whatever your industry or profession may be, one thing is certain: it’s a dynamic, ever-evolving niche, with new power players coming on the scene. So work to keep your network dynamic, with constant growth and evolution.

Keep Learning and Growing

Don’t ever stop growing and learning in your personal life or in your professional life. The world is a dynamic, ever-changing place so it’s essential that you keep growing and learning new things so you stay ahead of the curve. This also makes for a richer and more enjoyable life, especially for those who enjoy the learning process.

With these strategies, you should be well on your way to growth, evolution and ultimately, success!

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