Real Estate Coach Rosemary Kelleher of Elevate! Sales Training and Consulting



Real Estate Coach Rosemary Kelleher of Elevate! Sales Training and Consulting

“Rosemary is a fantastic personal coach, things happen and get done, you will make more sales Have a better presence online and serve your clients to the fullest with Rosemary on your side. So worth it!”

~Nancy Portnoy Rogers, LAER Realty Partners

“Rosemary Kelleher gets my highest recommendation as a Real Estate Coach. Her no-nonsense, detailed and thorough approach to coaching delivers results immediately and [in the]long term. The performance and production of my team has nearly doubled over the last year as a direct result of her coaching. You can read about what you’re supposed to do in books or listen to webinars, but having Rosemary as your coach, you can rest assured that [those recommendations and guidance]will be put into action. Rosemary will absolutely change the trajectory of your business and take you to the next level.”

~Malcolm Fulford, The Fulford Group at LAER Realty Partners

“Rosemary, even though I’ve known you for many years, it was great to be one of the RE/MAX Spectrum agents on the receiving end of your presentation this week. Your comments, tips, suggestions, and advice to improve our business were spot on. There’s no question that your professional background has qualified you to teach and to excel at Elevate! Any realtor who is lucky enough to hear your presentation will no doubt boost their business. Thanks again!”

~Leon Lopes, RE/MAX Spectrum

“Rosemary Kelleher has become a very important part of my business. Her innovation and excitement for my business has brought my sales up to a level I could only have imagined. Prior to hiring Rosemary has my coach, I felt good about the level of business I was doing (18 to 22 sales a year). Now that I have implemented the systems Rosemary taught me, my sales last year exceeded 35 sales. My business has grown to the point that I needed to hire an assistant and a Buyer’s Agent. She taught me to step out of my comfortable level and enter areas that were unknown to me. Her organizational skills helped me to keep better track of the deals I was working on. What I enjoy and appreciate the most about Rosemary is her excitement to see my business grow. She not only cares about my ‘numbers,’ she cares about what my growing business provides for myself and my children. I am forever grateful for her friendship and expertise.”

~Eileen Cain, Sales VP William Raveis Real Estate

“In the 13+ years I have spent as a Real Estate Agent in Massachusetts, I have never met a mentor / coach as talented as Rosemary Kelleher.  I thought that I knew what it took to build my business through marketing and networking.  In one session with Rosemary, I learned more than I had in the 13 years I have been in business. Rosemary’s methods include thoughtful measurable process; exceptional skills in coaching and immediate call to action with immediate results.  She engages with her clients by listening to them and helping to formulate new ideas and and effective business-generating actions. It is with my strongest endorsement that I recommend Rosemary Kelleher as a business mentor/coach/trainer.”

~Tracey Pinto, Massachusetts Real Estate Agent

“I saw Rosemary in action at the MAR 2015 Conference. Not only was she funny and engaging, I left inspired and with several notes to assist me in putting together my 2016 Business Plan.”

~Cheryl Malandrinos, Real Living Realty Professionals

“Rosemary is a one of a kind coach, mentor and motivator. When there’s a question she always has the right answer. My team has come to respect and depend on her knowledge and wisdom.”

~JL, Broker Owner, Castles Unlimited

“Rosemary has been a huge help to my business in 2014 & 2015! Her strategies and business ideas are always right on! I am grateful to her, because with her help I have gone onto having the best years ever! On a personal note, I really like Rosemary, she is a motivated speaker and teacher, as well as a great person to work with.”

~C.LeBlanc, Realty Executives

“I signed up for Rosemary’s class on how to run a successful Open House. Wow after 25 plus years in the business I realized after listening to Rosemary speak I was doing it wrong. “Rosemary was so articulate and informative. I loved how it was an interactive class. Rosemary’s training classes are a must for new agents and seasoned ones like myself. Thanks Rosemary!”

~Millie, Veteran Sales Agent

“You’re not charging enough for this seminar. I’m tapping into a gusher of wealth after learning why it’s so important to do open houses and how to do them well. My sellers love me!!””

~Brian X. Murphy, LAER Real Estate Agent

“Today was awesome.. I have the best real-estate Business coach in the universe…yes Rosemary, that’s you. And you are helping me make Brook Realty something special. I love my job and I love my buyers and sellers…everyone is different, some want houses to GUT and replace everything. Some want move in ready and some want in between. Life is good. I’m blessed to have such a fun job and an amazingly supportive family.”

~Ruth Thetonia, Brook Realty

“Rosemary is engaging, interactive and knowledgeable in sales, leadership and management. She holds the audience’s attention and I highly recommend her for your next event! I know first-hand how well Elevate coaching work!! She is my coach. My business coach looks absolutely stunning. She is not just beauty and looks. She is an amazing business coach and I would be lost without her leadership and guidance.”

~Anthony Susi, Realty Executives

“Thank you Rosemary for all the support and cheerleading you have done for my career. I pay it forward each day to my agents with the same pep and enthusiasm I get from your post. It creates a very positive environment and productive work environment!”

~Michael Webb, William Raveis Real Estate

Real Estate Coach Rosemary Kelleher of Elevate! Sales Training and Consulting