Time blocking is an essential tool for finding success, especially as you strive to achieve the perfect work-life balance.

Time blocking enables you to achieve much better productivity overall, while bringing a range of other benefits to you as a sales professional. In fact, time blocking is something that can benefit professionals in any fast-paced niche, not just sales.

When your mind is scattered and you’re constantly switching between tasks, it takes a toll on you in terms of your productivity levels and the overall quality of your work. Skipping around between tasks also results in a scenario where you experience greater mental fatigue throughout the day, leaving you more mentally exhausted.

In addition, skipping around between tasks creates a situation where you’re more apt to forget or overlook something.

Time blocking enables you to overcome these problems, helping you achieve greater productivity levels and improving the overall quality of your work, while simultaneously staving off mental fatigue.

Time blocking is relatively simple. It entails creating blocks of time — typically, several hours — during which you focus on one specific task. It can take some self-control to avoid taking phone calls and checking email or social media, but it’s key to avoid distraction in order for this technique to be effective.

There are a few keys to successful time blocking:

• Prioritizing Tasks – You must tackle the highest priority tasks first in order to be effective.
• Eliminating Distraction – If you fail to eliminate distractions, then time blocking simply cannot be effective. So you may need to turn off your FB notifications or silence your phone’s ringer so you can maintain your focus.
• Work When You’re Most Productive – Many work on “clock time” rather than on their own timeframes when they’re naturally the most productive. So if you find that you’re more focused in the mornings or late at night, leverage this and use it to grow your career!

When you use time blocking and maintain your focus, you’ll find that time seems to pass faster and your productivity levels improve because you maintain your focus and remain in a particular “mode” — whether it’s creative mode, or analytical mode or problem solving mode.

Studies have revealed that time blocking enables you to improve productivity significantly – by 30% or more, depending upon the task.

So consider trying time blocking as part of your day and watch your productivity grow by leaps and bounds!

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