Rising to the head of the pack in the sales world can be a real challenge — unless you have the right strategies in play.

Really connecting with your sales prospects is absolutely key and this can exponentially increase your chances of closing the deal, so consider trying some of the following approaches as you strive to get ahead in your sales niche, whatever it may be.

Always Aim to Over-Deliver
Whenever possible, over-deliver or include something free or extra. It’s a simple approach that lets you show that you really do care about your clients.

Let the Customers Self-Sell
Some salesmen and saleswomen get too aggressive, trying to push and convince the customer to buy. Instead, take a different approach. Ultimately, it’s the customer or client who needs to convince him/herself; you simply allow this process to unfold naturally and help it along a bit.

This can be achieved by understanding the client’s motivations, desires and pain points, then asking questions or pointing out features that prompt them to consider the essential selling points. Asking lots of thought-provoking questions also keep the client engaged, while showing them that you care about them and their perspective.

The answers to these questions can also give you greater insight into the client’s mindset and sell to them more effectively.

Connect with the Client on a Personal Level
Whenever the opportunity arises, connect with the client on a personal level to help put them at ease. This will enable the client or customer to drop their guard a bit, which makes them more open to your suggestions or recommendations. This also makes shy clients more likely to open up to you in a way that allows you to be more effective at your job.

You don’t need to reveal your life story (nor should you), but it can be very beneficial to simply connect with the client in some personal way. Keep it professional and touch upon some commonality. Perhaps you both own the same dog breed, or drive the same type of car, or grew up in the same city or went to the same university. Maybe you have children who are right around the same age.

Find a shared commonality and take the opportunity to connect with the client over this point. This is also great for sales professionals who rely on returning clients and perhaps face lots of competition. Connecting over some personal commonality allows your client to feel as though they can relate to you; this puts them more at ease and it makes them more likely to turn to you in the future. Plus, they’re more apt to remember you down the road (and vice versa.)

Use the Client’s Terminology
Listen very carefully as your client or customer describes their needs and what they’re seeking. Listen to the adjectives and terminology that they utilize and then, integrate these terms into your sales pitch.

This enables you to connect with the client in a more effective way since you’re speaking their language, so to speak. It provides you with a technique for invoking the right emotional response and it gives you the power to speak and sell in a manner that will resonate with the client.

In addition, whenever possible, use the age-old sales technique of adjusting your height throughout the transaction whenever you’re dealing with clients or customers in person.

At the beginning of the transaction or sales pitch, place yourself in a lower position or adjust the height of your seat down to indicate a more submissive role. Then, as you’re moving in to close the deal, elevate your height to subconsciously suggest that you’re in a more dominant role. You can achieve this with your posture, with your seat or by physically standing on something, like a stair.

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